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    Postpartum Services

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Juliet felt becoming a Postpartum Doula was just another link in her service oriented approach to birthing. Juliet also work with parents who have opened up their hearts and home in adopting a child and need postpartum services. She recognizes that the gift of a child comes to a family in alignment with the energetic field of Love.

Juliet will care for the mother and her family in their home in the first few weeks following birth, longer if needed. She will provide non-medical support and companionship, assists with newborn care and sibling adjustment, meal preparation and household organization. Focus on nutrition intake, self care, bonding with your baby/babies and been gentle with yourself, during the many emotions that may arises as your body, mind and Spirit  is going through and adjusting to many transitions that happens after birth, massaging Mom's back and feet when needed.


She will offer evidence-based information on newborn feeding, emotional and physical recovery from childbirth and other issues related to the postpartum period, and can make referrals if necessary.

Pricing is as followed: Day schedule only

 $50 per hour  starting from 9 am. to 8pm, minimum of 4 hours per day, and minimum of 30 hours to sign a contract. (flexible starting and ending time to accommodate client's needs).

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