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Testimonials For Birth And Postpartum 

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Juliet, I don't know where to begin to thank you . You have surpassed all my expectations of an amazing doula and I am so lucky to find you!! You were persistent, supportive, encouraging and above all graceful with everything. I am so blessed that you were by my side and even though we didn't get the birth we wanted, we now know why and it was gods plan. Thank you so much for your effort and diligence.  You are a credit to your profession  Thank you thank you again  from: Price family

 "Juliet was very professional, personable and proactive throughout my pregnancy and beyond. It was incredibly helpful to have her there to answer my random questions, keep me relaxed and even teach me how to hand express milk before our first baby arrived. She also provided excellent support for my husband throughout the process and was especially helpful to both of us during my hospital labor and delivery. I would highly recommend Juliet to anyone looking for a doula in the NYC area!" Kerrie, Doug & Leo


Thank you for everything. You made me feel so supported, empowered and comfortable from the moment we met. Your grace, strength and soothing nature was such an important and integral part of my birthing experience that I’ll never forget. I can’t thank you enough for your support and God’s willing when  I have another baby you’ll be my 1st call!

XOXO Danielle, Chris & Charlotte ❤️

Charlote, Danielle and Chris

Juliet is an amazing doula and lactation consultant, whom I highly recommend. I have been planning a natural, no medication, no epidural birth, and I don't think I could have done it without Juliet.  

She proved close support and guidance via phone and chat through early labor and arrived by my side as the contractions became more severe and frequent. She provided massage, positioning and touch support, made sure I stayed well hydrated and so much more. She just knew what I needed without me having to say a word. She even braided my hair so I had one less thing to worry about. 

Juliet stayed with me at the hospital during the birth, making sure I was in a comfortable position, providing touch and encouragement. 

My husband loved Juliet as well. Her knowledge and confidence was very reassuring. Without Juliet's support, I genuinely believe I would have gone to the hospital, and gotten an epidural. I am deeply grateful to Juliet and my husband for the support to get me through this. 

 Juliet 是一位很熟练的导乐和哺乳顾问,我强烈推荐她。我一直在计划自然分娩、不用药、不硬膜外分娩,如果没有Juliet,我认为我不可能做到。






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Shaun and Matt

I was lucky enough to have Juliet as my doula leading up to the birth of my daughter, in the delivery room and as my postpartum doula. Every step of the way she was a pillar of support and lightness when I needed it most -  whether it was weekly 1:1 maternity yoga sessions when I needed the encouragement to keep moving, maternity reiki massages in the very uncomfortable third trimester or as an incredible advocate and source of Inspiration in the delivery room through a long incredibly mentally challenging labor. Somehow she always intuited exactly what was needed and then provided a thread of continuity once my daughter was born, providing much needed energy on healing and helping with the day to day in the weeks afterward. I really can't say enough good things about her. She is wise, kind and incredibly passionate about what she does. It shows and I count myself unbelievably lucky to have had her by my side in one of the most important transitions of my life. 

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My experience with Juliet as my doula was something that will always be unforgettable. She made my birth experience very relaxing. She brought music and even lavender incense. She would try to comfort me and provide support during my labor. She would rub aloe vera on my feet and massage my back. She would help me put myself in different positions to get more comfortable or breathing techniques to ease the pain. She was very catering and supportive. As a maternal care coordinator, I share my experience with my patients and recommend doulas as part of their birthing experience. Thank you Juliet for making my birthing experience unforgettable. 
Steffi Arauz  

expression of love!.

My experience of Havening during COVID 19 Pandemic

I am writing to attested to the fact that Juliet is a wonderful Havening Technique practitioner. During the height if the pandemic I was blessed to have a Havening session with her. She helped me with the fear that I was experiencing for my son that works on the front lines. She was very kind and professional and I now used the technique that she provided me with and I am not in fear about this any longer.

I can used what she taught me on my own.

Sincerely Lana Spaldings.

life unfolds with BelleSky.jpg

I ,Fatou, is a 41 African woman who luckily by my 3 pregnancy got Juliet as my Doula! She came to assist me on my surgery date as I notice a Doula number on a flier while in the waiting room for my sonogram. I was told that because my baby have too much fluid around him at 36 weeks I need surgery right  away! I called her the same day to introduce myself and later called her again to to give her the information for my surgery! She came with a positive energy and support and ease my husband’s mind so he could to go back home to check on the others kids! She was very helpful-she care-she assist me at the my hospital. My baby latched on right away. She came for postpartum visits of up to 21 hours attend to my needs-at home with my swollen feet, my eighteen months old daughter, breast and stress mind!
She is great! Being around her is a joy! I wish I know her earlier during the pregnancy to be only if it more of her positive energy because I needed that daily! Thanks for your support!God bless you! All the best! Ndeye Fatou Fall Diop

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