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Ceremony of Light for Babies

Juliet will facilitate your  candle light/ baby blessing ceremony  welcoming the beautiful energy of your baby on this planet earth. The element of earth (dirt), fire (lighting the candle), wind surrounding us everywhere, and water, which we will drink at the conclusion of the ceremony    (with a slice of lemon or lime added). Inquiry within for detailed information.

Anneka & Doug baby light ceremony.JPG

My husband and I first want to say we adore Juliet. Throughout our first pregnancy, we have always felt hope and a sense of calm anytime after we talk to Juliet, which is really nice to experience with so much unknown in the journey of parenthood (and life!), especially during COVID. 


Our family generously decided to host a small baby shower for us and baby, and a friend was initially going to host the special ceremony part for baby, but was unable to at the last minute. We reached out to Juliet, who immediately agreed to help out, and it made sense that it was aligned as it was meant to be. Juliet explained that baby wants who is meant to be there, and we trust in that. Juliet and my sister collaborated together (there were some surprises for us), and it felt like Juliet was part of our families, just flowing together seamlessly. Our dog was even calm and laid down to just watch (he never does that).


There were candles, all four elements, roses, music, and a whole family blessing led by Juliet. It felt very warm and comforting. We are so honored to write a review for Juliet, and we are so glad The Circle of Light Ceremony is one other families will get to experience with her. 

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