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Birth Doula Services


Juliet’s philosophies and beliefs about pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, birth and after birth are also based on her personal experiences in birthing her 3 children, she also have experiences in successful VBAC.
Juliet strives to make every birth an empowering experience. She supports evidence-based birth along with women who have a different approach to birthing, as being culturally, spiritually, or intuitively listening in and tapping into the energy of the sages of their ancestors. She supports birth whether at home, in birthing centers, or within a hospital setting in holding that space for the birthing mom to experience the birth that she envision, while been open to other possibilities during her birthing journey.  

As your Birth Doula I will:

  • Provide you with emotional, physical and educational support. Supporting your cultural and Spiritual practice in birthing your baby/babies.

  • Prepare client's with ideas for nutrition intakes, prenatal yoga poses for opening hips flexors.

  • Working on poses and techniques to assist baby to go into vortex position.

  • Be continuously present throughout active labor and birth. Using massaging, calm centering music, visualization, essentials oils

  • She is very supportive of breastfeeding and works with the birthing mother prior to birth and after birth

  • Practicing visualization while connecting to the energy of the baby/babies to work.

  • Prenatal and postpartum yoga classes

  • I feel you, and I will hold that space for you to move with that beautiful majestic feminine energy to birth your baby as nature intended it to be devoid of fear regardless of the path this journey may take.

  • BIRTHING COACH ( separate stand alone service ) see price below.

  • We use affirmational havening to create the birthing experience you WILL to manifest in your birthing journey to birth your baby/babies.

  • We’ll work to remove worrying thoughts, and nervousness from your consciousness. 

  • We’ll work to bring in the birthing energy of your baby in your birthing vision

  • Remove traumatic coding that causes trigger ( sometimes from a previous birth or other circumstances in your life )

  • Complimentary session available upon request.

      Standard price $45 per session 

      Package $300 for 7 sessions 

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